Coronavirus (procedures)

27 May 2022 : Statement from the Catholic Bishop’s Plenary conference of 6 May 2020 (see CBCEW website. click here … … ) :


25 Feb 22 : Following the removal of all legal covid restrictions, we are urged to exercise common sense and sympathy for the needs of others, using this guidance for the exercise of the spirit of Charity: No one is now obliged to wear a mask for Mass or for any other service or function on our premises. “Social Distancing” is now no longer required.

Given our own particular circumstances, in order to prevent anxiety unwittingly caused, particularly to those members of our congregation who may still be very vulnerable, we will NOT at the moment be restoring the Chalice at Holy Communion, nor will the Sign of Peace be re-instated, though these will be re-instated later after further advice. however, it is difficult to do this now, so please wait for further advice.

In church, therefore, as in our day-to-day lives, let us be thankful that we are once again so much freer, but let us also be sensitive to the needs of those who cannot yet feel secure with regard to this virus.


29 January 2022 : FURTHER REVISED COVID PROCEDURES (extracted)

Full statement available from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales click here …. ….


In view of the PM’s announcement on Wednesday, 8th, with regard to the increasing cases of the Omicron variant, THE WEARING OF MASKS AT MASS MUST NOW BE REGARDED AS OBLIGATORY. This does not, of course, apply to people who are legitimately exempt.

There are a number of people who wish to attend Mass who are medically very vulnerable; they should not be subjected to the unnecessary risk of infection, nor indeed to the anxiety of seeing people near them not wearing a mask. This being the case, not to wear one is in fact to show a lack of charity – a failure to observe the Gospel precepts.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference met on the 18th November and have published a document called “Honouring Sunday” (available online here….). Whilst acknowledging the rate of covid infection is still high in this country but with this in mind, the bishops have agreed that the Sunday Obligation is still suspended saying “The pandemic is clearly not over. The risk of infection is still present. For some, there is legitimate fear in gathering together. As your bishops, we recognise that these prevailing circumstances suggest that not everyone is yet in the position to fulfil the absolute duty to attend freely Sunday Mass.” The bishops go on to remark that the Sunday Mass is a gift. So it is: a gift which we should gratefully accept if we can.

23rd July 2021 : Planned Amended Procedures for Church attendance effective Monday 19 July

Please see the bulletin of the 25th July for the planned changes, via the archive, click here … … , or alternately print the image below, as required.

Any further details following the (partial) “relaxation” of procedures effective from the 19th July, will be updated as they occur. Please check with the current week’s bulletin.

28 May 2021 : Confessions re-introduced

Initially, without Exposition and Public Recitation of the Rosary, commencing this Saturday 29th May from 10:45am – 11:30am in the Lady Chapel. Fr James’ urges folk to “keep him busy”.

24 May 2021 : Private Prayer re-introduced

Private Prayer: the church will be open mostly in the mornings every day. On Mondays we will have to close at 2pm. On Sundays the church will be closed all day from the end of Mass. On all the other days it is envisaged being open until 5pm (except Saturdays, when there is Mass at 5:45pm). Please sign in on the record available, to comply with current covid protection practices.

{ upd 28 May 2021/4 }

5 Jan 2021 : Full National Lockdown (Tier 5) introduced effective today. Saturday evening mass is introduced, but available spaces will be managed as before, but with further spacing between worshippers. Any further details may follow where effecting worship, once any instructions are refined

Coronavirus Local restrictions for Tier2, effective 3rd December

27 Nov 20 : Following the announcement from the Government we will be able to return to COVID secure Mass from Thursday, 3rd December, with the first secure Mass in practice on the Friday.

Click here … … for full relevant official statement, including : “Places of worship open but you must not socialise with people from outside of your household or support bubble while you are indoors there, unless a legal exemption applies”

5 Nov 2020 : National Coronavirus Lockdown restrictions commence

06 Oct 2020 update : During the duration of lockdown no2, the Church will be closed, apart from Private Prayer available Wednesdays, Friday and Sundays, between 11am – 12 noon –  for the latest procedure to follow (click below … …)

4 Nov 2020 : Statements from the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales:  – for details please click here … ….

31 Oct 2020 : Please be aware of the latest Coronavirus Lockdown restrictions, nationally, effective Thursday, 5th November (click here … …)

Steps towards re-opening of Churches

10 July 2020 : Introduction of public Masses, but only with ‘limited’ pre-arranged numbers

Fr James is happy to be able to announce at last that we can open the church for Holy Mass this Sunday, 12 July, at 10am – but only for a limited number of people. A summary of the arrangements is given below, thus please read the following carefully if you would like to come to mass on that day:

  • We have to operate a booking-system. Please make contact in advance either by email or telephone, if you wish to come to mass – we will have about 50 places available. (Contact details : click here … … ). Please be ready to let us know how many people from your household, if any, will be coming with you. When you arrive, a steward will direct you to your place.
  • Because we are distancing at 1 metre, a face-mask/covering will be needed. The “One-Way” system we have been using for private prayer will be in effect. Enter the Church through the porch, where hand gel is provided, and exit via the Hall
  • As just before lockdown, we cannot use holy water and during mass there will be no intercessions or sign of peace.

Finally, and most importantly: welcome back to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass! Despite the changes and the rules, it is still the Mass – the ultimate prayer of Thanksgiving to God and the essential means of grace for all the brothers and sisters of Christ – that is, you and me!

19 Jun 2020 : Opening of the Church for Private Prayer: Procedure, from 24 June 2020, to be followed until Masses resumed.

7 Jun 2020 : Coronavirus: Places of worship to reopen for private prayer

“Although places of worship will reopen solely for private prayer, it seems … …” See BBC News… ...

Coronovirus (Covid-19)

The Catholic Bishops’ of England and Wales gave guidance on 18th March 2020 that public services will be held in private and not open to the public until further notice. It is with regret that this action has to be taken, but we must follow the Bishops’ guidelines.… Streaming information and further resources are also available from many sources. Click here for details … …

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