Forthcoming Offices & Events




  • Sun Oct 24 : World Mission Sunday
  • Fri 29 Oct : Funeral of Matty Burke
  • Wed 2 Nov : c10.15 am (after 9.30am Mass) : SVP Meeting in the Priory

Check the current bulletin… …  for any further details of many of these events.


  • Ampleforth Abbey’s Tea Room is temporarily closed until 17 November. When reopened will normally operate on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Ampleforth Visitors’ Centre – remains closed in the medium term
  • Ampleforth Abbey “Home Retreats”. Normally 11.00am Saturday mornings. Should you need recordings, at the time, or post facto: goto the “Ampleforth Abbey Liturgy” channel on YouTube click here … ….

Where a zoom event is indicated for any event, please contact the organisation concerned to obtain the necessary codes needed. There will usually be a ‘gathering period’ circa 10 minutes prior, so as to allow participants to prepare and familiarise with procedures.


{ upd: 15 Oct 2021 }

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