Forthcoming Offices & Events


  • Sat 17 Apr, 11 am : Ampleforth Abbey weekly Home Retreats continue, this week on the theme of “Vacare Deo” by Fr Cedd Mannion OSB. Fr Cedd talks about the nature and importance of leisure in the spiritual life.

Services in Tribute to HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, at Easingwold Anglican Parish Church

  • Sun 18 Apr, 6.30pm: Evensong
  • Sar 24 Apr, 11.00am: Memorial Service

If you wish to attend the Church in person (limited accommodation), or by Zoom, please contact Rev Margaret Young on 01347 821394 or by email (click here … …)

  • Ryedale Christian Council, discussion: “What an earth can we do” , Sat 24th April, 9.15am – zoom event, go to RCC website click here … .. to book.

Where a zoom event is indicated, please contact the organisation above to obtain the necessary codes needed (click here … …). There will usually be a ‘gathering period’ circa 10 minutes prior, so as to allow participants to prepare and familiarise with procedures.



Check the current bulletin for any further details of many of these events.


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