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  • Sat 19 Jun 11 am : Ampleforth Abbey weekly Home Retreats continue, click here … … , on the theme of Coming Back to Mass” by Fr John Fairhurst OSB. It is a year since many people have been able to attend a Sunday Mass “in the flesh” so to speak. We have been fortunate to have the technology to enable people to pray the Mass by live-streaming. That has been very popular and very much appreciated. For many people this absence from church has made them even more aware of the importance of the Eucharistic celebration in their life, and the “prayer of spiritual communion” often said at the end of Mass has become a poignant longing for the time when the gift of the Body and Blood of the Lord can actually be received sacramentally. As we prepare for lockdown to end, let’s reflect on what the Mass really is. Let’s prepare to return to the great mystery of the Lord’s love, his sacrifice on Calvary for us and for the whole world.


  • Fri 2nd July – Wed 7th July, Easingwold Parish Church : Display of 30 tableaux illustrating popular Bible stories from St George’s URC in Hartlepool. For details click here … ….

Check the current bulletin… … for any further details of many of these events.


  • Ampleforth Abbey’s Tea Room has reopened – Currently, operating on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with outdoor seating. However indoor seating will be open again from Monday 17th May.
  • Ampleforth Visitors’ Centre – remains closed in the medium term

Where a zoom event is indicated for any event, please contact the organisation concerned to obtain the necessary codes needed. There will usually be a ‘gathering period’ circa 10 minutes prior, so as to allow participants to prepare and familiarise with procedures.


{ upd: 18 Jun 2021 }

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