Mass & Offices

for the Current Week

The standard mass times are Weekdays (Wednesdays & Fridays): 9.30am plus Thursdays 6.30pm; and currently for Sunday: 5.45pm (vigil), and 10.00am.  This may occasionally vary dependent on circumstances, thus please kindly review the schedule below: 

During certain periods & some school holidays, the display of the list of offices may well be delayed. With apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Format of Masses: Normally, according to the Sunday of the calendar month:

First Sunday : Latin (Missa de Angelis); Second & Fourth (Hymns only); Third: Mass of St Benedict (English); Fifth: Mass 16 (Latin)


Ampleforth Abbey Offices

Mass on normal weekdays is currently celebrated at 08.45pm (Monday to Saturday), 10.00 am (Sunday), in the Abbey.

For all normal Abbey Office times, please click here…...  For information on rubrics, click here…….


Please pray for :

Those presently sick, infirm, housebound or in hospital (please keep us updated of their progress): Sally Agar, John Barr, Christopher Browne, Mattie Burke, Mary Capaldi, Kitty Carrington, Cath Cavanagh, Fr Leo, John Charnock, Liz Clement, Jenny Cook, Linda Davison, Veronica Ellerby, Paul Gallagher, Nigel Graham, Pat Grotrian, Graham Harrand, Marta Hatfield, Kay Hendlesby, Tom Hopperton, Eunice Huby, Sheila Jack, Vince Kelly, Darren Kennedy, Lt. Commander Matthew Kiernan, John Lee, Kay Moss, Marie Podgoski, Claire Robinson, Anita Schubert, Anne Waggott and Jack Windust.

Please also pray for all those for whom this is a particularly difficult time of year

Those who have died recently and those whose Anniversaries occur about this time: Jacques Baudouin, Jane Reilly and John Simpson

( upd 0 Nov 19 )


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