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Please see our News Page for changes effective Monday 19 July “Planned Amended Procedures for Church attendance” and as they evolve further : click here… ….

September 2021

See our News Page (click here … …) for a summary of the arrangements for Mass during the coronavirus lockdown, and further detail on this week’s bulletin (click here … …) .

Ampleforth Abbey Offices: Mass on normal weekdays is currently celebrated at 08.45pm (Monday to Saturday), 10.00 am (Sunday), in the Abbey. Two Public Masses a week in the Abbey church, limited by numbers, will also be held Sundays at 11.30am, and on Wednesdays at 11.30am. For procedures : click here……. . Over the 2020 Christmas period details of Masses, Offices and Daily retreats from Sunday 20th may be found here … …

For other offices, held privately, and an option “button” for audio live streaming, please click here….. The live streaming is available for long periods, so other offices will also be streamed; check the relevant times with the link on the initial Abbey page.

The Diocesan Adult formation team have kindly provided details of other Masses streamed (video or audio) within the Diocese and beyond, where the list is being updated over time. Please click here … … for details (some direct and others via social media). Some masses at St Wilfrid’s will be in the extra-ordinary form.  10 Jul 2020: This page will also advise public Masses, though limited by number, as information becomes available.

Please pray for :

Those presently infirm or housebound : Sally Agar, Rita Ashbridge, Mary Capaldi, David Craig, Hilary Dutton, Paul Gallagher, Gerry Kelly, and Darren Kennedy;
the Sick: Jenny Cook, Murray Grant, Marta Hatfield, Sarah Hodkinson, Darren Kennedy, Lt. Comm. Matthew Kiernan, Mary Melling, Krystyna Najgrodzka, Vincent O’Donnell, Teresa Catherine Powers, Anne Waggott and Tilly (Middlesbrough);

Please also pray for all those for whom this is a particularly difficult time and those who have died recently: Matty Burke, Monica Lowson and Dr Michael MacKinnon; together with those whose Anniversaries occur about this time: Harry Field, Reginald David Jackson, Dr Laurence Cawley, John Grotrian and Ellen Mary Walsh.

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