Church Hall

St John the Evangelist Parish Hall Charges 

Please check with Parish Administrator for any changes. Meantime current rates, as at 1 Feb 2019, are below.

Standard Rate:

  • £64.00 for a three hour session; 
  • £150.00 for the day. 

Easingwold Rate for Parish and local charities:

  • Evenings & Weekends : £11.60 per hour or part thereof;
  • Weekdays : £8.00 per hour or part thereof.

Terms and conditions

Please see the Full Terms and conditions, which are broadly summarised below.

  • Use of the kitchen is included in the rate
  • Access to the garden is negotiable. An extra charge may be made for social events.
  • Times to be booked are agreed in advance and charged accordingly. Time for preparation and clearing the Hall is regarded as part of a session.
  • Parish Groups have priority, but bookings accepted will not be cancelled without advanced notice.
  • All care has been taken to ensure the Hall is safe, but users are responsible for their own safety and for suitable behaviour in a church building.
  • Local events employing professional caterers are charged at the Standard Rate.

Download complete information: click here … …

(2 copies required for submission to the Parish Administrator)

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